What's in my pantry?

When you first make the decision to change the way you eat it can be pretty daunting - We remember looking round the supermarket in a daze and feeling lost, everything seemed packaged and came with an additive. We stuck to the fruit and vegetable section, and would get home with a mountain of vegetables only to realise our family would soon get fed up of a mound of plain vegetables, even if we did mix it up a bit and sometimes roast them!


We hung in there, and after reading countless blogs and books, and spending a lot of time in the kitchen, we soon started to get the hang of it, and you will to! At the beginning, we wished we could have just wandered around the pantry of someone who already ate the way we aspired to, just to see what they used for their raw ingredients, how did they plan, what did they keep on the shelves so they were always ready to feed hungry children. So here you go, this is what's in our pantry - we hope it helps you figure out what to put on your shelves so you can feed your family the way you want to too!



This section will be completed asap :-)