300g Wholewheat self-raising flour

300ml Plant based milk

1 mashed banana

2 flax eggs


Coconut oil to grease the pan


Makes 4 large pancakes


How to make a flax egg:

For 1 egg, place 1 Tbsp ground flaxseed in a small bowl with 2 Tbsp warm water and let it sit for 10 mins to allow it to get thick.

Banana & Wholewheat Pancakes

30th August 2016

A family breakfast favourite in our house!


Blend the 4 ingredients together, pour a 1/4 of the mix into a greased 10 inch frying pan and cook over a medium heat - I always do this on our Rayburn stove as it never gets too hot - if the heat is too high the outside burns before the inside is fully cooked - each one takes about 15 mins on our stove - but they turn out amazing!!


If you don't fancy banana, just leave it out.